About us

Equest Group International is a professional consulting services company offering advisory in business management and marketing. Our goal is to help our clients be successful in business, supporting them through our various consulting services. To help them plan, execute, and manage startups, projects, and growth more efficiently.

Equest Group international, has an experiences team with over 15  years of experience, building succelfull business, given advisory to startup in early stages, small business, and established organizations. 


We have a holistic understanding of business and believe in planiation, execution, and people (customers and employees). We seek growth through innovation, people management and optimization of key processes in each area of the company. We create long term relationships between customers and organization, between partners and the organization and long term relationships between employees and your company.

We have experience working with entrepreneurs and start ups, with established companies or multinational corporations. We support them with general business consulting, adaptation of new technologies or with marketing strategies focused on sales, brand awareness and engagement. 


Our mission is to help and support our clients to be successful with their business. To provide assistance and services for our clients to achieve their objectives.


We will transform our clients business trought planing, research and innovation